The Bird and the Bee perform in studio

A280b2 20061114 bird and bee
Inara George (Bird) and Greg Kurstin (Bee) (Photo courtesy the band)

Inara George (Bird) and Greg Kurstin (Bee) do just fine without each other. He's a producer and keyboardist who has worked with Beck, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, his own band Geggy Tah and Lily Allen. She's got a solid solo career going. But the two Angelenos met while working on her debut and liked creating music together, so they formed The Bird and the Bee to collaborate on jazzy electropop.

They played tunes form the debut EP in a session in the Maude Moon Weyerhaeuser with Mary Lucia.

Songs performed: "Again and Again," "Preparedness," and "I am a Broken Heart."

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