Dr. Dog performs in The Current studios

Dr. Dog
Dr. Dog (MPR Photo/Derrick Stevens)
  1. Listen Dr. Dog performs in the Current Studios

    Jan 22, 2010

Dr. Dog has been creating music in various incarnations in their hometown of Philadelphia for nearly six years now. From the humble beginnings of "The Psychedelic Swamp," a concept album realized in the damp ruin of a flooded basement, through the critically acclaimed Easy Beat (2005) the band has cultivated a strong national following through their energetic live shows. They spent the better part of 2006 in the studio cooking up two new releases: a six song EP called Takers and Leavers, which will be released worldwide on Sept 12, 2006, and a yet untitled long player that will see the light of day in February 2007.

The band stopped by the Current to perform and chat with Mark Wheat.

Songs performed: "The World May Never Know," "Die Die Die," and "From."


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