Jessica Lea Mayfield performs live in The Current studio

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Jessica Lea Mayfield (Courtesy the artist)
Jessica Lea Mayfield performs live in The Current studio
| 17:55

At the age of 21, singer-songwriter Jessica Lea Mayfield has been in the music business nearly her entire life. She began touring with her family at the age of four and then began singing with them when she was eight. Then at only sixteen, she started working with fellow Ohioan Dan Auerbach - one half of The Black Keys - when she was just sixteen.

Known for writing evocative and intimate lyrics surrounding the demise of relationships, Mayfield worked with Auerbach on her debut album "With Blasphemy So Heartfelt" in 2008. After its release, she toured with The Black Keys, The Avett Brothers, and Ray LaMontagne among others. Her follow up, "Tell Me," is out now.

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Jessica Lea Mayfield (MPR Photo / Theresa Larson)

Songs performed: "Blue Skies Again," "Sometimes At Night," and "Our Hearts Are Wrong."

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