Zebulon Pike perform in The Current Studio

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Zebulon Pike (Alan Turkus)
Zebulon Pike performs in The Current studio
| 25:45

After forming in 2002 and discarding more metal sounding names, members of Zebulon Pike found that the name of the early American explorer was the best fit for their blend of instrumental prog-doom metal. Since then Zebulon Pike have won numerous awards including City Pages "Best New Band of 2004," Best Hard Rock Group" and "Best Hard Rock Recording" at the 2004 Minnesota Music Awards. Known for artfully long songs, some in the 20 minute range, Zebulon Pike have entertained the Twin Cities with 3 full length albums and are set to release their fourth entitled "Space Is The Corpse Of Time."

Songs performed: "Space is the Corpse of Time," and "Spectrum Threshold."

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    Zebulon Pike (Nate Ryan / MPR)
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    Zebulon Pike (Nate Ryan / MPR)
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    Zebulon Pike (Nate Ryan / MPR)
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    Zebulon Pike (Nate Ryan / MPR)