Slideshow: Doomtree live in the UBS Forum

Doomtree Blowout 2 at First Avenue in Minneapolis, sponsored by The Current. This annual event showcases the Doomtree crew and some of their fellow collaborators. This video, featuring P.O.S., is from a forthcoming DVD due out in the spring. (MPR Video)

The entire Doomtree gang performed live in the UBS Forum on December 1, debuting much of their new album "No Kings."

Photos by Eamon Coyne and Nate Ryan

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16 Photos

  • E1177f 20111201 doomtree2
    Dessa (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 633ca6 20111201 doomtree1
    Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, P.O.S. and Lazerbeak (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • D2b043 20111201 doomtree3
    P.O.S. (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 84aabb 20111201 doomtree4
    Paper Tiger (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 0d5386 20111201 doomtree5
    Mike Mictlan and P.O.S. (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 26ba45 20111201 doomtree6
    Dessa and Sims (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 0f8a7c 20111201 doomtree7
    Paper Tiger (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • Ca1a6e 20111201 doomtree8
    Lazerbeak (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • E345e6 20111201 doomtree9
    P.O.S. and Dessa (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 555ea4 20111201 doomtree10
    Cecil Otter (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • A1911c 20111201 doomtree11
    Lazerbeak (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • Abcfa4 20111201 doomtree12
    Mike Mictlan (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 8a3a4c 20111201 doomtree13
    Dessa (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • B53c3d 20111201 doomtree14
    Cecil Otter and Mike Mictlan (MPR Photo/ Eamon Coyne)
  • 111a05 20111201 doomtree16
    Mike Mictlan and P.O.S. (MPR Photo / Nate Ryan)
  • E20743 20111208 doomtree ubs forum
    Dessa of Doomtree. (MPR / Nate Ryan)