'In Utero' producer Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana

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Nirvana's <em>In Utero</em>, produced by Steve Albini, turns 20 this month. (Jesse Frohman)

Nirvana's third and final studio release In Utero turns 20 this month. Recently, a letter surfaced that Steve Albini, the album's producer, wrote to the band before recording started.

The letter includes an element that's particularly notable to Minnesota audiences: Albini recommends Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minn., as the location for recording the yet-to-be-named album. It was at Pachyderm, in Feb. 1993, that Nirvana recorded In Utero.

The 20th-anniversary special editions of In Utero, released on Geffen Records, include scans of this letter.

Listen to Teenage Kicks on Saturday, Sept. 28, from 8 to 10 a.m., when Jacquie Fuller highlights tracks from In Utero.

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    Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana, page 1 (Courtesy DGC)
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    Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana, page 2 (Courtesy DGC)
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    Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana, page 3 (Courtesy DGC)
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    Steve Albini's letter to Nirvana, page 4 (Courtesy DGC)

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