Top Local Releases of 2013

by Jon Schober

Top Local Releases of 2013
Top Local Releases of 2013 (Jon Schober)

As the end of the year nears, it's time for the annual list-making to begin. In addition to our Top 89 programming this year, the local crew wants your help in determining the best Minnesota releases of 2013. That's why we're returning for round two with our Top Local Releases Poll. You may remember last year that the inaugural installment received over 27,000 votes from 8,000 unique listeners.

This year, on Sunday, December 29, we'll count down the top 20 releases with the most votes on The Local Show with David Campbell from 6-8 p.m.

So peruse the list below and let us know your opinions. We've compiled it based on what we played a lot across the various local channels we have on the station. Don't see one of your choices on the list? No problem — write it in and make that vote count!

Choose your top 10 local releases of the year from the list below. The poll will run for two weeks through Monday, December 2.

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