DJ Pick of the Week: Jade - Run the Jewels, 'Legend Has It'


El-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels
El-P and Killer Mike of Run the Jewels (Michael Schmelling)

El-P and Killer Mike have put out a number of albums on their own, produced albums and have made four albums with each other as Run the Jewels (including one that was a reissue of the previous album, but with cat noises). What I'm saying is, they know how this whole rap-music thing works, and they know how to work with each other. RTJ3 sees the duo flexing those muscles that they have built up over the past two decades. This is a powerful, fun, and top-of-their-game sort of album.

The entire new album is worth a deep listen (check out Sean's Album of the Week review for a more in-depth look), but I'm focusing in on the third track, "Legend Has It."

Whew boy! This is a banger. You remember Jock Jams? That compilation from the '90s that got you pumped up for whatever? "Legend Has It" would fit right in. Actually, it would dominate. It would run circles around the competition. There's a driving beat with El-P and Killer Mike trading off so seamlessly, it almost seems like they're finishing each other's sentences.

It's a song that feels like it's weaving, ducking, and dodging you and dunking right in your face and then doing its own celebratory dance while sticking its tongue out at you. There are woo's, and the duo even lead a crowd into chanting "R-T-J!"

Toss this one on and pump yourself up.

Run the Jewels, "Legend Has It"


Run the Jewels - official site

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