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A while back we had this idea: We believe that everyone who works at the Current (and most people who don't) have in them at least one great idea for a radio show -€“ something they are passionate about - something that hasn't been done, and something that would be interesting to do. The ideas might be a one-offs or ongoing programs, but what if we had a place on the schedule where we could push ourselves to create and air new shows? As an idea lab, as a way to extend what we do at the Current, and just because it'd be fun and 'cause we can.

Minnesota's Best Selling Artists

The Current Presents for February 23, 2014
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40 years of album sales data in two handy charts

Earlier this week we asked you to guess the highest-selling singles and albums to come out of Minnesota--and the answers to those two big questions will be revealed this Sunday night on the Current Presents: The Best-Selling Minnesota Artists of All Time. But before we get down to brass tacks, I wanted to share a few notes from my research. This kind of stuff can get pretty dry, so I'll try to keep it as lively and interesting as possible with the help of some pretty fascinating graphics from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Everyone likes graphics.

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The Best-Selling Minnesota Singles of All Time

This week's Current Presents special was dedicated to tracking down the numbers and determining the best-selling albums and singles to come out of Minnesota--and as promised, the singles category delivered some surprises.

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