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Back in the fall we had this idea: We believe that everyone who works at the Current (and most people who don't) have in them at least one great idea for a radio show – something they are passionate about - something that hasn't been done, and something that would be interesting to do. The ideas might be a one-offs or ongoing programs, but what if we had a place on the schedule where we could push ourselves to create and air new shows? As an idea lab, as a way to extend what we do at the Current, and just because it'd be fun and 'cause we can. 9 p.m. on Sunday nights.


The 400 Bar may be gone, but its stories live on

It's the bar where Golden Smog, Zuzu's Petals, and Semisonic all began, and where Dan Wilson first debuted his big hit "Closing Time." It's the bar where Bonnie Raitt hung out while in the Twin Cities to record her debut album. It's where First Ave stage manager Conrad Sverkerson kicked out his first rowdy patron. And it's where Peter Ostroushko was playing pool when he got the call to go play on Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks.

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Magazine Lady

Spider John Koerner and Willie Murphy

Barbara Polka

Whoopee John Wilfarht

I Ain't Blue

John Koerner and Willie Murphy
Bonnie Raitt


Willie Murphy and Tony Glover
Live at the 400 Bar

Blue Ghosts

Cats Under the Stars

People in This Place on Every Side

The Jayhawks

Babblin' Mules

Zuzu’s Petals

Closing Time


Emperor Ashoka

Mason Jennings
Live at the 400 Bar

Lost Lonesome Blues

Koerner & Glover