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Mary Bue/Mothers' Day

The Duluth Local Show for May 15, 2017
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Not long after opening her new venture, Imbue Yoga, former Duluth artist Mary Bue took off for a three-month Helene Wurlitzer Foundation artist residency in Taos, New Mexico. She recently returned to Minnesota, and joins Mike Novitzki on the phone this week to chat about that experience, her new EP, The Majesty of Beasts, and the greater challenge of independently funding a music career.

In the second half of the hour, Mike shares some requests from one of his favorite Duluth natives - his mom.



The Surfactants

Bicycle Seat

The Dukes of Hubbard

It's In The Drugs

Lion Or Gazelle

Candy(Piano Version)

Mary Bue

Minnesota Goodbye

Mary Bue

The Things I Left in Duluth

Mary Bue

The East Hillside Freezeout

Little Black Books

Temperance River Blues feat. Murder of Crows

Charlie Parr


Dead Man Winter

Boardwalk Anthem

Teague Alexy

Like a Rolling Stone

Bob Dylan