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The Duluth Local Show

The Duluth Local Show for December 5, 2016
| 01:00:00

Lots of new music this week! And I ask Heiko Edwardson about his, now 14-year-old, potluck style holiday concert tradition, The Rock and Roll Kamikaze.


My Mistake


Golden Son

Fearless Moral Inventory

Wouldn't Mind Workin' from Sun to Sun

Kyle Ollah ft. Charlie Parr

Scary Movies

Matt Ray

The Devil's Crosshairs


Trip To A Flame

Rich Mattson & The Northstars

Windy Reckless Wicked Eyes

Actual Wolf

Pearl Diver

Emily Haavik


Dead Man Winter

Stage Presents

Equal Exchange

The Messenger

85 To Present feat. Crimson

Low Key

Kat Fox

Sky Line

Timbre Ghost