The Duluth Local Show

The Duluth Local Show, hosted by Mike Novitzki, can be heard at 90.9 FM The Current in Duluth every Sunday at 8 p.m. The Duluth Local Show will be rebroadcast on The Local Current stream at on Mondays at 2 p.m.


Heart and Diamonds

Mary Bue
Kickstarted and Wide-Hearted

This Is Us

Saint Anyway

Cold Woman, Warm Beer

The Acceleratii
The Acceleratii

Blame, MN

The Sparta Tapes

Short-Wave Medication

I Am The Slow Dancing Umbrella
True Believers Drink Daily

Kampas Mahth

The Departure


The State Champs
The State Champs

Across The Great Divide

Fair-Weather Friend
Each In A Place Apart

Hunter, Gatherer, Coveter, Thief

A Corrosive Melody
Live at The American University

She's My Mum

Toby Thomas Churchill

One World Dub

Zenith City Dub vs. Prince Paul and The Conscious Party
Duluth Homegrown Rock And/Or Roll - Sparhawk's Mix

Fear and War

Bradical Boombox
Fern Avenue

Arrangement For Me

Bob Bingham and Gordon Thorne
Best Of The Brewhouse Vol. 1

Shady Grove

Four Mile Portage
Four Mile Portage

Get Up and Dance

Snow In August