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Join David Campbell as he and the Local Team explore Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present.

The Local Show featuring Tickle Torture, Andrea Swensson and Jay Gabler

Listen The Local Show for March 1, 2015

Mar 1, 2015 Join David Campbell as he and the Local Team explore Minnesota's local music scene, both past and present.

This week on The Local Show you'll meet Tickle Torture, who is far and away the most provocative artist in the Twin Cities scene. He likens himself to "Prince and Justin Timberlake having a romp in a dumpster." He performs in women's underwear he stole from his roommate that don't quite fit (if you get my meaning), and he covers his body from head to toe in gold paint and baby oil. His freaky crowns and decorative facial covers make you the right kind of uncomfortable, as does his love of jarring noise. He also creates some of the most lush grooves ever to come out of the twin towns and will produce the heck out of your next record. He's a walking contradiction, and this week we turned him loose in The Current studios for a spectacular performance and hilarious interview. Did we mention the fog machine?

Also on The Local Show this week, you'll get the latest from the Local Current blog with reporters Jay Gabler and Andrea Swensson, including news on Hippo Campus, a new record shop called Mill City Sound, Aero Flynn, Kanye West and Allan Kingdom, a look at Are You Local? 2015, and March artist of the month Soul Asylum.

You can hear debuts from Greg Grease, Kara Laudon, Candid Kid, Mary Bue, Frankie Lee, Bones and Beeker, Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, Ashley DuBose with Rocky Diamonds, and AATS on The Local Show this week. You'll also hear the latest from Magic Castles, Botzy, and the new Peter Wolf Crier single. It's a good one. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Tickle Torture performs live in The Current studio

Currently working on his follow up to the successful Spectrophilia EP, Tickle Torture's Elliot Kozel and company stopped by The Current studio to perform tracks off the new record and to chat with the Local Show's host David Campbell.

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