Members of Doomtree

It's not all gloom for Doomtree

For more than a decade, the Twin Cities hip-hop scene has been dominated by a single name: Rhymesayers Entertainment, whose star attraction is the group Atmosphere. Emerging from the shadow of Rhymesayers is another hip-hop collective called Doomtree. The Doomtree Crew's best-known performer is the rapper P.O.S. P.O.S. was named Hip-Hop Artist of the year at the Minnesota Music Awards. But P.O.S and the members of Doomtree believe their potential for success lies in a group effort driven by a "do it yourself" ethic.

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The Roches

The Roches perform in studio

Maggie, Terre and Suzzy Roche started singing Christmas carols in New Jersey when they were young, and have since recorded 15 albums as trios, duos and singles. They're back together as a trio for their latest tour passing through Minnesota, and have a new record coming out in March 2007.

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My Brightest Diamond

My Brightest Diamond performs in studio

My Brightest Diamond is Shara Worden, granddaughter of an Epiphone-playing traveling evangelist, fathered by a National Accordion Champion, and mothered by a church organist. Spanish tango, Sunday-morning gospel, classical and jazz were the accompaniment to her home life.

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Frank Black

Frank Black performs in studio

He's now spent more time as solo artist Frank Black than he ever did as Pixies front man Black Francis. His solo work, however, has never gotten the same attention. While he hopes his newest album Fast Man Raider Man will change that, he's just happy making music.

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Michael Franti

Michael Franti performs in studio

The former member of Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy is known for being politically active. Spearhead's latest album was inspired by a trip Franti took to Iraq so that he could see firsthand what toll the Iraqi War was taking on the people there.

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The Current Sessions®

Josh Ritter: Virtual Session

Josh Ritter: Virtual Session with The Current

Josh Ritter joins The Current for a virtual session. Hear songs from his new EP, 'See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion,' plus a familiar favorite.

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Blu DeTiger: Virtual Session

Blu DeTiger - Virtual Session

Blu DeTiger joins us for a virtual session to perform a few tracks she's released this summer, and talks to us about sharpening her skills while playing bass over DJ sets in New York clubs pre-quarantine, finding success on Tik Tok, and what she'll be releasing later this fall.

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Samia: Virtual Session

Samia: Virtual Session

SAMIA shares songs from her upcoming record, The Baby, and talks to Jade about recording in Minneapolis with members of Hippo Campus, getting over fears of being alone, and what it's like to release a debut record during a pandemic.

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Ondara: Virtual Session


Jade spoke to Ondara about how growing up in Kenya influences his view of America today, how Carl Sagan has inspired him, and what he'll be working on this fall.

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Prince: The Story of 1999

The Current Morning Show Features

Loneliness is common, but chronic loneliness is different.

Wellness Wednesday: Coping with holiday loneliness

Sabine Schmid is assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Minnesota Medical School and a licensed psychologist with M Health Fairview. She joined The Current's Jill Riley to talk about those who are facing loneliness as we head into the holiday season.

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