Listen to The Current on Amazon Echo devices using Alexa

You can listen to The Current on Amazon’s Voice-on-demand Echo devices. Ask “Alexa, play The Current on iHeart” or “Alexa, play The Current on Tune In.” Similiarly, you can ask for “Local Current,” “Radio Heartland” and “Rock The Cradle.”

Alexa Skill

To get enhanced functionality, enable the Alexa Skill. Once enabled, you can stream The Current, find out the name of a song and artst and who is the on air DJ.

Enable Skill

  • Stream: “Alexa, play The Current.”
  • Song name: “Alexa, ask The Current what song is this?”
  • Show Information and DJ: “Alexa, ask The Current who is the DJ?”
  • Song of the Day podcast: “Alexa, ask The Current to play the Song of the Day”


When you register for a Minnesota Public Radio account, you can send requests via Alexa, too.

  • “Alexa, ask The Current to play Song by Artist” e.g. “Alexa, ask The Current to play Left of the Dial by The Replacements.”

Song Ratings

To hear an average of user ratings of the song that’s playing, say “Alexa, ask The Current for this song’s rating.”

If you have registered your Minnesota Public Radio account, you may rate the song 1 through 5 stars. Say “Alexa, ask The Current to rate this song” and follow the prompts.


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