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Creating a buzz: go inside JD McPherson's new 'Style' video

JD McPherson band outside Vinny's barbershop in Los Angeles

The video for JD McPherson's single, 'Style (Is a Losing Game)' was shot during business hours at a barbershop in Los Angeles. 'All the barbers were really cool having us there,' says the video's director, Sean Dejecacion, who told McPherson, 'We've got to get you in a smock!' Watch the video and go inside its production.

The Come-Up: Twin Cities Rappers who got next

The Come Up: Lexii Alijal, Student 1, Dru Devon

With the New Year around the corner, contributor Jeffrey Bissoy-Mattis offers up another collection of local hip-hop artists he's discovered, who've been putting on for Minnesota hip hop, or who are showing tremendous potential.

Is this the happiest Christmas song ever?

'Love's Not Just for Christmas,' London Community Gospel Choir

Science says it might be. This new song came about after popular holiday songs were analyzed 'for their lyric theme, tempo, musical key, vocal, and sleigh bell usage.'

Ty Segall talks about his new album, 'Freedom's Goblin,' out Jan. 26

Ty Segall

'Freedom's Goblin' is Ty Segall's new album, a 19-track double album set for release on Jan. 26, 2018. The Current's David Safar recently had a chance to talk to Segall about the new album. 'I think I just wanted to make the freest record I could, in the sense of there's no rules for what's going on,' Segall says.

The Current's guide to music on TV: week of Dec. 4, 2017


Artists heard on The Current are frequently featured on TV programs, and we've gathered the listings in one convenient place for you -- good thing, too, because this week is a blockbuster in terms of musical guests, including St. Vincent, Beck, Chris Stapleton, Ty Segall, the Shelters, Hiss Golden Messenger, SZA and many more. See the complete listings.

Hear S. Carey's new song, 'Fool's Gold'

S. Carey

In this live performance of S. Carey's new song, the Bon Iver multi-instrumentalist streamlines his sound without sacrificing a shred of grace or inventiveness. Shot beside a roaring fire at The Hive in Eau Claire, Wis., the live recording stays faithful to the version you'll hear on Carey's forthcoming album, 'Hundred Acres,' out Feb. 23, 2018.