Iceland Airwaves

Stories, interviews and video from The Current's coverage of the Iceland Airwaves festival.

The Current brings Iceland Airwaves to you

Iceland Airwaves Festival

Join host Mark Wheat as he broadcasts from Reykjavik, Iceland, for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. Mark will have interviews, live performances and a few cultural insights as well.

Mugison performs at Iceland Airwaves

Mugison at Iceland Airwaves

Mugison has been recording and releasing music since 2003, and he also operates his own music festival in Iceland. Busy though he his, Mugison stopped at the Skuli Craft Bar in Reykjavik to play some songs and to share some very entertaining stories with host Mark Wheat and the audience.

Stella Donnelly performs at Iceland Airwaves

Stella Donnelly at Iceland Airwaves

Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly joins host Mark Wheat at the Skuli Craft Bar in Reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves to play a couple songs from her forthcoming album, expected in March 2019 on the Secretly Canadian label.

Hildur performs at Iceland Airwaves

Mark Wheat with Hildur (Hildur Kristin Stefansdottir)

Although she hasn't yet released a full-length studio album, Hildur's singles have been instant hits, including 2016's 'I'll Walk With You' and her newest single, 'Picture Perfect.' Hildur plays both of these songs and more, and she converses with Mark Wheat as part of The Current's sessions at the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival.

Soccer Mommy performs at Iceland Airwaves

Mark Wheat with Soccer Mommy

Nashville-based indie-pop artist Soccer Mommy (aka Sophie Allison) joins Mark Wheat at Iceland Airwaves to play a live set and to talk about her budding career, including what it was like to meet and tour with one of her heroes, Liz Phair.

Reykjavikurdaetur performs live at Iceland Airwaves


Reykjavikurdaetur -- a collective of Icelandic women who perform as an unstoppable hip-hop crew -- lit up the crowd at The Current's headquarters for Iceland Airwaves. Hear their impactful two-song session.