Interview: Paisley Park's Executive Director Alan Seiffert

Jill Riley connects with the Executive Director of Paisley Park, Alan Seiffert on the fifth anniversary of Prince's passing. The two discuss Paisley Park's plans for remembering Prince today, and how they'll be celebrating his legacy with fans.

Bleachers' Jack Antonoff sticks to his gut feelings

Maddie catches up with Bleachers' Jack Antonoff about listening to your gut and filtering out the noise when it comes to songwriting, his quarantine dreams, and who his first source of confidence was as a music producer.

Interview: Cannons

Cannons' three members--Michelle Joy, Ryan Clapham, and Paul Davis connect with Zeke to talk about what they'd play on the radio if they were DJs, their aspirations for the band, and what they've been up to this year.

Interview: Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands

Samuel T. Herring of Future Islands connects with Zeke to talk about mastering their latest record over Zoom, their dream collaborations, and the band's hopes of helping people open up to one another through their work.

Kings of Leon's Jared Followill talks about 'When You See Yourself'

Kings of Leon have returned with their eighth studio album, When You See Yourself, out now on RCA Records. Zeke connected with bandmember Jared Followill to talk about the new record, parenting tips after having his first child in 2020, and the debates that went on before finalizing the album's track list.

Annie Humphrey: Taking the right steps each day

Annie Humphrey talks about her family ties to being a musician, how collaboration with other musicians widened her palatte, and taking creative projects one day at time.