Interview: William Bell and the passion and clarity of soul music

William Bell at the Dakota

From the early 1960s to this very day, Stax recording artist William Bell has crafted soul classics with a clarity, passion and grit that is truly unparalleled. Last week Sean McPherson sat in the backstage of the Dakota with the soul legend and discussed soul music with him.

Catching up with Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson has been turning out music for more than 40 years, and has just released a new album, 'Fool.' The Current's Jim McGuinn recently connected with Jackson to talk about his career then and now. 'The best work that I've done is always the latest,' Jackson says. 'It's always what I'm most excited about.' Check out the complete interview.

How Beirut's Zach Condon escapes to find his focus


Indie folk band Beirut are out with their latest album, 'Gallipoli.' The band's leader, Zach Condon, talks with NPR's Scott Simon about emphasizing music over lyrics and escaping to unexpected places for inspiration.

Aaron Aye is poised to make waves nationally

Aaron Aye

Although hip-hop artist Aaron Aye is barely legal to drink, he has already lived a lot of life. Originally from Minneapolis, Aye is now working in Los Angeles, where he looks poised on the brink of making a splash on a national scale. Aaron Aye spoke to The Message hosts Sean McPherson and Sanni Brown about his life and his career so far.

Why Khaliq is just a kid from the 'Sota on the come up

Why Khaliq

Jeffrey Bissoy sat down with St. Paul hip-hop artist Why Khaliq in his studio, where they discussed Why Khaliq's most recent project, 'Clearwater,' as well as his growth as an artist, about remaining humble despite growing popularity, his growing love for acting, and about fatherhood.

How the Beatles made 'The White Album'

The Beatles in London on July 28, 1968.

Producer Giles Martin shares the remarkable stories, early demos, outtakes and stunning new mixes from the just-released deluxe version of the album.