Listen to Looch: Curtiss A's mysterious encounter

Curtiss A tells his story to Mary Lucia

Musician Curtiss A joins Mary Lucia to describe an experience he had in 1969 that he can't quite explain. Did he see a UFO? Was it something else? The experience seems to have inspired Curt's new song, 'Unidentifiable.' Watch Mary's interview with Curtiss A, and listen to the new song.

Interview: Mitski's many lives

Mitski press photo

Mitski's new album 'Be the Cowboy' explores the singer's roles onstage, in relationships and as a woman in the world. The artist talked to NPR's Ailsa Chang about how there's no such thing as one identity.

Chris Eldridge: This Solitary Enterprise

Chris Eldridge

Chris Eldridge - also known as Critter to his friends and fans - is an exceptional guitarist with bluegrass in his pedigree and his own long musical career. In addition to his work with Punch Brothers and his guitar duo with Julian Lage, he regularly joins the band on Live from Here, playing acoustic and electric guitar and singing backup on everything from bluegrass standards to covers of The Strokes.

ABBA: a Swedish perspective

ABBA in the 1970s

In the same week as the Ordway launches its production of 'Mamma Mia!' and the film 'Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again' is released, Swedish-born ABBA fan Martin Bertilsson shares a number of facts and stories about the band in a series of videos for The Current.

Interview with Electric Fetus co-founder Ron Korsh

Electric Fetus co-founder Ron Korsh, October 2017

In 1968, Ron Korsh co-founded the Electric Fetus with his friend Dan Foley. The Current recently caught up with Korsh at his home in Washington, D.C. Among several interesting facts and recollections, Korsh talks about the inspiration for the name 'Electric Fetus,' about what made him leave retail for architecture, and how - coincidentally - he designed the house where drummer Bobby Z now lives.