Colin Meloy of the Decemberists breaks out of his comfort zone

Colin Meloy of the Decemberists

The Decemberists' next album, 'I'll Be Your Girl,' releases March 16, 2018. For this new release, Decemberists front man Colin Meloy explains how he and the band strove to break out of old habits. 'We made an effort to really inspect the choices that we were making each time, and make sure it felt exciting,' Meloy says. See David Safar's interview with Meloy, and listen to the Decemberists' lead single, 'Severed.'

Friendship is at the heart of Bully

Bully portraits at The Current

The origins of Bully's lineup can be traced to The Stone Fox, a now-defunct venue in Nashville. 'We were all at that place at the same time, were friends and had similar tastes in music,' says Bully frontwoman and bandleader Alicia Bognanno. Read more about how the band members found one another, and why friendship is the most important ingredient in the lineup.

Creating a buzz: go inside JD McPherson's new 'Style' video

JD McPherson band outside Vinny's barbershop in Los Angeles

The video for JD McPherson's single, 'Style (Is a Losing Game)' was shot during business hours at a barbershop in Los Angeles. 'All the barbers were really cool having us there,' says the video's director, Sean Dejecacion, who told McPherson, 'We've got to get you in a smock!' Watch the video and go inside its production.

Ty Segall talks about his new album, 'Freedom's Goblin,' out Jan. 26

Ty Segall

'Freedom's Goblin' is Ty Segall's new album, a 19-track double album set for release on Jan. 26, 2018. The Current's David Safar recently had a chance to talk to Segall about the new album. 'I think I just wanted to make the freest record I could, in the sense of there's no rules for what's going on,' Segall says.