Robbie Robertson: 'It's been a long journey'

A new documentary, 'Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band,' opens Friday night at the Lagoon Landmark Cinema in Minneapolis. In the run-up to the release, Mary Lucia had the chance to talk with Robbie Robertson. Listen to Mary's conversation with Robertson about the new film.

Bill DeVille looks at the formation of his career in radio and at The Current

Bill DeVille's Twitter profile tells us he's 'just a dude who loves his family, music, running, coffee, a nice hat, a good martini and the Packers.' Minnesota Public Radio's Michael Popham spoke with DeVille recently to learn more about this host who has been with The Current since it first went on the air 15 years ago.

Destiny Roberts on the hidden lessons from 'Roy G Biv'

St. Paul rapper Destiny Roberts, aka Moon Melanin Mami, talks to correspondent Jeffrey Bissoy about her ambitious 'Roy G. Biv' series of releases, which looks at different themes gathered under each color in the rainbow.

Interview: Michael Stipe

Michael Stipe gave himself a birthday present this year - a gift that was shared with legions of fans: two new solo songs, 'Drive to the Ocean' and 'Your Capricious Soul.' The Current's Mac Wilson connected with Michael Stipe to talk about the new music as well as a little bit about R.E.M. and about Michael's other projects.

Rex Orange County interview with Mac Wilson

Watch video of an interview Mac Wilson had with Alex O'Connor, aka Rex Orange County. O'Connor talks about being on tour, about mental health in the music industry, and about his latest album, 'Pony.'

Interview with Mandolin Orange

In town for a show at the Palace Theatre in St. Paul, Mandolin Orange's Andrew Marlin and Emily Frantz visited The Current for a conversation with Mike Pengra about what proved to be a meteoric year for the band, some of their side projects, the music of Bob Dylan, and what might be next for the Chapel Hill, N.C., outfit.