Lady Midnight: "We need to have moments of peace"

Lady Midnight's debut album 'Death Before Mourning' feels like the cosmos, slipping in and out of fire, water, air, and earth. Her response to George Floyd's death seems to be just as fluid, depending on the needs she senses in herself and the community: duty, mutual care, and now, a moment of peace. On Friday, June 12, she joined The Current's Morning Show to talk to Jill Riley about healing and the definition of "safety."

Jeffrey Bissoy: 'I want to make sure I'm here for my community'

Jeffrey Bissoy is a former MPR News producer, a contributor at The Current, freelance reporter at the Sahan Journal, and founder of an app called Plugged. Bissoy spoke to Jill Riley about his experiences growing up as a black man in the Twin Cities, as well as the impact his app, Plugged, could potentially have on black communities nationwide.

Toki Wright speaks on this 'pick-a-side moment'

Toki Wright has worn a lot of hats: artist, activist, The Current host, and most recently, educator. This week, he called up The Current's Jill Riley to educate about injustice, white silence, and the hard truths of "being Minnesotan."

Bob Mould talks about 'American Crisis'

In an interview with the Local Show's Andrea Swensson, Bob Mould talks about his new single, 'American Crisis,' which just happened to be released as the nation experiences a new awakening to Civil Rights. 'My role is to share what my heart tells me and to share the water that I catch when it rains,' Mould says.

Trampled by Turtles singer Dave Simonett releases his first solo album under his own name

After almost 20 years leading the Duluth-based bluegrass rock band Trampled by Turtles, singer and guitarist Dave Simonett just released what could be -- depending on how you look at it -- his first or his third solo album. Simonett's latest collection 'Red Tail' is much lighter and more open to interpretation than two he issued as Dead Man Winter.