Gary Clark Jr.: A blues wunderkind breaks out

Gary Clark Jr.

It's been a while since pop-music writers have heaped praise on a blues guitarist as the next big thing. But that's what's happened with Gary Clark Jr., who's just put out his first full-length album on a major label.

Ben Gibbard: Living With Ghosts

Ben Gibbard

After 15 years in Death Cab for Cutie, Ben Gibbard is releasing his first solo album, Former Lives. Guy Raz talks with Ben about what it's like to confront older versions of one's creative self, his private life after a very public divorce and the future of Death Cab for Cutie.

Robust Worlds Talks With The Local Show

Robust Worlds

Chris Rose has been a go-to guitarist in town for years, playing with bands like Vampire Hands, Private Dancer and Heavy Deeds. For much of the last year though, he has embarked on a solo affair called Robust Worlds. The project is doused in characteristic reverb and provides dreamy imagery that cohesively pulls together all the work he's done in other acts through the years.