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Music News: Nabil Ayers on Ed Eckstine, Blackout Tuesday, and hopes for change

Nabil Ayers is the U.S. general manager for the record label 4AD. He's also a musician and a writer, and recently in the New York Times, he had an interview with Ed Eckstine, who was the first black person to be appointed head of a major label in the U.S. He talked about that conversation, and about all the conversations happening in the music industry around Blackout Tuesday.

Music News: Epidemiologists uneasy about concert safety for another full year

Most epidemiologists say that at this point, they won't feel comfortable attending a concert for over a year. Even as the United States start to reopen from coronavirus lockdown, the financial crisis for the concert industry is deepening, with a potentially devastating round of permanent venue closures looming.

Music News: An IPO in a pandemic? Streaming boom makes money...for investors

A planned IPO for Warner Music is evidence of a streaming-fueled rebound for the recording industry. Meanwhile, Laura Marling's livestreams suggest that rarity, rather than ubiquity, could be the key to some artists' income right now. Also today: Black Dresses break up after online harassment, steel guitarist Bucky Baxter dies, and Billie Eilish releases film slamming body-shaming.