Policy and a Pint®

Policy and a Pint® is an event series co-sponsored by the Citizens League and 89.3 The Current that engages young people in important conversations about public policy in Minnesota and the United States.

Policy and a Pint®: Behind the Spin

Do you ever wonder why politicians running for office do exactly what they do, say exactly what they say? Steve Seel hosted a Policy and a Pint conversation in September with a couple of actual, real-live political spin-doctors and our audience at the the Amsterdam Bar and Hall to get to the bottom of the spin inherent in political messaging.

Policy and a Pint®: Unlearning Our Notions About Higher Education

As students graduate and the school year comes to a close, it's worth asking: what if most of our assumptions about "higher education" are wrong? Our notions of who needs higher education, what types of skills are needed, and how this learning should be provided are becoming outdated. In the midst of this unprecedented change, are students truly being prepared for what Minnesota needs in the future?

Policy and a Pint®: Bringing Back the Bees

There's a growing threat that, if we fail to act, could profoundly affect our lives. Like many species, bees and other insect pollinators are facing environmental challenges -- the biggest of which is loss of native habitat -- that jeopardize their very existence.

Policy and a Pint®: The State of Education

We know Minnesota is changing fast. The jobs of the future will be different, and our workforce will be more diverse than ever. So how are Minnesota's schools making sure the students of today and tomorrow will be ready?

Policy and a Pint®: Minnesota and Race in the 21st Century

On a special Martin Luther King Day edition of Policy and a Pint, a conversation about race in Minnesota and in America at large — where we've been, and where we're going. We've made progress since the civil rights struggles the 1960s, but where do we want to be in the 21st century?

Policy and a Pint: Uncivil Discourse - Comment Sections in the Digital Age

If you're a reader of comments sections on websites, you know they can be places where all kinds of speech flies freely: balanced comments, nasty comments, and -- some would say -- irresponsible comments. We tout the Web as the great democratizer, but are comments sections curated op-ed spaces or totally open free-for-alls?

Policy and a Pint meets the Theater of Public Policy

Enjoy photos and audio from our latest Policy and a Pint, featuring a discussion of climate change with special guests The Theater of Public Policy and MPR News Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner.

Policy and a Pint: Entrepreneurship

During this election season, you hear candidates talk a lot about "small business" -- and so for our Policy and a Pint, we thought we'd talk to some Twin Cities entrepreneurs about the rewards, and struggles, of striking out on your own in these tough economic times.

Policy and a Pint: The Looming Intergenerational War

If we're to believe the wave of recent articles in magazines and newspapers, there's a new inter-generational conflict brewing. Hear the conversation among Steve Seel, economist Chris Farrell from MPR News and Diane Tran from the young professionals group Minnesota Rising and, of course,the audience at the event.