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Prince items from Susannah Melvoin and others go up for auction

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Yet another Prince auction is upon us, and this roundup includes items once belonging to Susannah Melvoin, who was long close to Prince and is sister to Wendy Melvoin of the Revolution. Other offerings include items from Prince’s former horn player Eric Leeds, assistant tour manager Gwen Leeds, and costume designer Helen Hiatt. Currently, it…

Paisley Park announces new exhibits, first anniversary celebration

Paisley Park has announced plans to celebrate the first anniversary of opening its doors as a museum, which happened a year ago on Oct. 6. As of that date, “visitors will see all new artifacts and installations representing iconic periods in Prince’s career, including new pieces from the Under the Cherry Moon, Diamonds and Pearls,…

Five reasons Prince was a guitar legend

Prince has been called one of the greatest guitar players of all time — even the greatest. Yet, oddly enough, it seems like he’s been on fewer guitar magazine covers than Dave Mustaine, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Mark Tremonti (no disrespect). So much of what people focused on was the mystique of Prince as a performer, singer,…

Prince's sexiest songs, according to Har Mar Superstar

Prince on the cover of 'Dirty Mind'

Minnesota's own Har Mar Superstar gave Jade his picks for Prince's 12 sexiest songs. Listen to his selections, read about how he chose them, and find out which one he's been regularly covering on tour.

Prince’s B-side strategy

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We all know Purple Rain is godhead, right? And yet, I’d argue that the two best Prince songs of 1984 aren’t even on it. Instead, they were released on the B-sides of that album’s pair of number one hits. In fact, the first released, on the flip side of “When Doves Cry,” the lustrous “17…

Where can you watch Prince’s five officially released movies?

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There’s no doubt Prince is best known for his contributions to the music industry, but there’s another side to his career. While Prince released countless music videos, filmed many of his live concerts and composed music for TV shows and movies, he also did some acting of his own, guest-starring in a couple of shows…

Joan Osborne talks about covering Dylan and meeting Prince

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Given how famously idiosyncratic his songs are, it’s remarkable how well Bob Dylan translates to cover versions. That’s been clear since the ’60s, when performances by Joan Baez, the Mamas & the Papas, the Byrds, Judy Collins, and other artists helped make the mercurial singer-songwriter a household name. The latest artist to put her stamp…

Let's go maize-y: Prince honored in State Fair seed art

A selection of 2017 Minnesota State Fair seed art

The Minnesota State Fair has hosted a seed art competition every year since 1965. In 2016 and 2017, portraits of Prince have been numerous in the show. 'I believe that because of the following that Prince had, we're probably going to see those kind of things continue,' says Ron Kelsey, Superintendent of Crop Art at the State Fair. Read more about the seed art and view a photo gallery.

State Fair Grandstand guru shares how she almost booked Prince

Renee Alexander is the deputy general manager at the Minnesota State Fair

Grandstand shows are a highlight of the Minnesota State Fair, and it's Renee Alexander's job to bring in those shows every year. Looking back on the many acts she's successfully booked, Alexander considers Prince 'the one that got away.'