The Current Rewind

The Current Rewind

The Current Rewind is the podcast putting music's unsung stories on the map. In season two, we're tracing the 50-year history of Minneapolis club First Avenue, using 10 pivotal dates to explore how a city, a scene, and popular music have evolved since the dawn of the '70s. The Current's Cecilia Johnson and Mark Wheat — along with special guest hosts — will meet you at the barricades for opening night, drop in on life-changing shows, and take an inside look at the present-day #SaveOurStages campaign.

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The Current Rewind is made possible in part by the Minnesota Legacy Amendment's Arts and Culture Heritage Fund.

The Current Rewind goes to First Avenue

The Current Rewind

Your favorite Minnesota music history podcast is back! In The Current Rewind's second season, we're exploring 10 pivotal days in the history of First Avenue, the Minneapolis club that has hosted life-changing shows for the past 50 years. Episodes air on Tuesdays starting Sept. 22.

Playlist: The rock that fueled the Peters Brothers

KISS was one of the bands targeted by the Peters Brothers.

In the '80s, controversial St. Paul ministers the Peters Brothers traveled around America preaching about the dangers of rock music. From shock-rock to suggestive pop, this playlist compiles some of the songs that fueled the Peters Brothers' protests against rock & roll.

The Current Rewind: The Peters Brothers' anti-rock crusade

The Current Rewind

A family of pastors hell-bent on saving souls. A pro-sticker Washington wife. A B-horror blood-gusher with a heart of gold. Plus...Prince's photographer? This episode's cast of characters is just a peek at the wild ride of the Peters Brothers, the evangelical trio who hosted record burnings and condemned rock music throughout the 1980s. But for all the Peters' popcorn-worthy stunts, you could say darkness was at play.

Across Borders, Across Generations: Hmong-Minnesotans make art with their elders

The Current Rewind

Ever watched your grandma spit verses for a crowd? Tou SaiK Lee has. He's one of several younger Hmong-Minnesotans who have collaborated with elders in the last decade, combining folk traditions and newer sounds. In this episode, we follow him to the fields of Thailand and through an internal journey; Tou SaiK continues to learn who he is, how to enrich his community, and how to process the loss of his grandma. This episode also features conversations with Lis Pos, Shawn Mouacheupao, Ernest and Missy Whiteman, and more.

The Current Rewind: 25 Years of Low

The Current Rewind

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker, married founding members of Low, have been experimenting with rock music since the early '90s. In this episode, we join them for an interview and a walking tour of Duluth, Minn.; we explore their quarter-century of a musical career; and we meet their "road nanny" (along with several other Duluthian characters). All with a dose of dry, dark humor.

Inside Minneapolis's Palmer's Bar, where Bonnie Raitt was once a regular

Art outside of Minneapolis' Palmer's Bar.

During the West Bank's beatnik era, Palmer's was a watering hole where musicians like Bonnie Raitt, "Spider" John Koerner, and Willie Murphy would cross paths, and the bar remains an integral part of the neighborhood's music scene today. Since opening its doors in 1906, Palmer's has survived Prohibition, bootlegging, and two World Wars, and become an integral part of the West Bank's music scene.

The Current Rewind: Bonnie Raitt's Lake Minnetonka Beginning

The Current Rewind

Bonnie Raitt is best known for her hits "Something to Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me." But back in 1971, she was a 21-year-old kid with a friendly streak, guitar chops, and her first record deal. That summer, she recorded her debut album on Lake Minnetonka with a motley crew of Minneapolis musicians, making music and commotion in a wild recording experience that she calls "not Animal House, but [...] just a blast."

Can you solve The Current Rewind's Bonnie Raitt crossword puzzle?

Bonnie Raitt in 2012.

In 1971, before Bonnie Raitt won a Grammy or was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, she was solving crossword puzzles in Minneapolis' Palmer's Bar. In honor of Bonnie's daily game with Spider John Koerner, we've put together our own Bonnie Raitt crossword puzzle, with clues inspired by her debut album and the musicians who contributed to it.

Playlist: Aar Maanta Youtube hits

YouTube has become an indispensable tool for Somali artists to share their music and create an online community. To give you a sense of the music and stories that exist on London-based Somali musician Aar Maanta's channel, we put together a list of some of the singer-songwriter's videos.