Wellness Wednesday from The Current®

Wellness Wednesday from The Current

Every Wednesday The Current’s Morning Show host Jill Riley connects with experts and local personalities for some real talk about keeping our minds and bodies healthy—from staying safe in the music scene, to exercising during a pandemic, to life coaching and personal journaling.

Wellness Wednesday is hosted by Jill Riley, and produced by Anna Weggel and Jay Gabler. Our theme music is a portion of the song “F.B. One Number 2” by Christian Bjoerklund under the Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 International License.

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Wellness Wednesday: How to stop doomscrolling

Why is it so hard to stop reading bad news, and how can you break the habit of obsessively checking your phone? NYU psychologist Ariane Ling joins Jill Riley to share some perspective.

Wellness Wednesday: Managing the 'Sunday scaries'

If you have a Monday-through-Friday job (or if you're in school), you've probably experienced at least a mild version of the 'Sunday scaries.' For some people, dread of the week ahead can be downright debilitating. Psychologist Jessica Stern shares some tips on navigating this anxiety.

Wellness Wednesday: Soothing pet anxiety

As people who've been working from home prepare to return to offices, many are thinking about the pets that have grown used to their near-constant presence. What are some good strategies for soothing pet anxiety?

Wellness Wednesday: Creating safer spaces as live events return

As a DJ and promoter, Shannon Blowtorch says she's been going 'blue in the face' trying to explain how venue security staff need to be sensitive to the needs of LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities. Now, she and Kimmy Hull have founded a company dedicated to supporting venues in creating safer spaces.

Wellness Wednesday: Navigating anxiety as in-person events return

After well over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines are widely available in the United States and in-person events are gradually returning. If you're experiencing anxiety around this return to 'normal,' you're not alone...and if you need it, help is at hand.

Wellness Wednesday: The continuing importance of vaccination

After a harrowing year, signs are strong that Minnesota and the rest of the United States can safely return to many activities that the spread of COVID-19 made very dangerous. Kris Ehresmann of the Minnesota Department of Health, however, emphasizes that the potentially deadly virus is still in our communities and urges everyone age 12 and over to get vaccinated as soon as possible.