The Current's Top 89 of 2017

Top 89 Songs

2017 was an incredible year for music. Each month saw a barrage of new singles and albums from a wide array of artists. We played the songs, and you responded to each of them. Now, we're counting the songs down based on your votes in our annual Top 89 poll.

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Results for The Current's Top 89 Songs of 2017 will post below as they are revealed on Sunday, Dec. 31 starting at 5 p.m. CT.

  1. 1.
    Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: "If We Were Vampires"

    "If We Were Vampires"

    Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
    The Nashville Sound
  2. 2.
    Portugal. The Man: "Feel It Still"

    "Feel It Still"

    Portugal. The Man
  3. 3.
    Alice Merton: "No Roots"

    "No Roots"

    Alice Merton
    No Roots EP
  4. 4.
    Kendrick Lamar: "HUMBLE."
  5. 5.
    Jain: "Makeba"
  6. 6.
    Arcade Fire: "Creature Comfort"

    "Creature Comfort"

    Arcade Fire
    Everything Now
  7. 7.
    St. Vincent: "New York"

    "New York"

    St. Vincent
  8. 8.
    Sylvan Esso: "Die Young"

    "Die Young"

    Sylvan Esso
    What Now
  9. 9.
    Childish Gambino: "Me and Your Mama"

    "Me and Your Mama"

    Childish Gambino
    "Awaken, My Love!"
  10. 10.
    Spoon: "Do I Have To Talk You Into It"

    "Do I Have To Talk You Into It"

    Hot Thoughts
  11. 11.
    Francis and the Lights: "May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance The Rapper]"

    "May I Have This Dance (Remix) [feat. Chance The Rapper]"

    Francis and the Lights
    May I Have This Dance (single)
  12. 12.
    LCD Soundsystem: "call the police"

    "call the police"

    LCD Soundsystem
    american dream
  13. 13.
    Spoon: "Hot Thoughts"

    "Hot Thoughts"

    Hot Thoughts
  14. 14.
    Beck: "Up All Night"

    "Up All Night"

  15. 15.
    Harry Styles: "Sign of the Times"

    "Sign of the Times"

    Harry Styles
    Harry Styles
  16. 16.
    Arcade Fire: "Everything Now"

    "Everything Now"

    Arcade Fire
    Everything Now
  17. 17.
    Hippo Campus: "Way It Goes"

    "Way It Goes"

    Hippo Campus
  18. 18.
    Lorde: "Green Light"

    "Green Light"

  19. 19.
    Queens of the Stone Age: "The Way You Used To Do"

    "The Way You Used To Do"

    Queens of the Stone Age
  20. 20.
    Chastity Brown: "Wake Up"

    "Wake Up"

    Chastity Brown
    Silhouette of Sirens
  21. 21.
    Lizzo: "Truth Hurts"
  22. 22.
    The National: "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness"

    "The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness"

    The National
    Sleep Well Beast
  23. 23.
    Dan Auerbach: "Shine On Me"
  24. 24.
    The War On Drugs: "Pain"


    The War On Drugs
    A Deeper Understanding
  25. 25.
    Spoon: "Can I Sit Next To You"

    "Can I Sit Next To You"

    Hot Thoughts
  26. 26.
    Wolf Alice: "Don't Delete The Kisses"

    "Don't Delete The Kisses"

    Wolf Alice
    Visions of a Life
  27. 27.
    LCD Soundsystem: "american dream"

    "american dream"

    LCD Soundsystem
    american dream
  28. 28.
    Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile: "Over Everything"

    "Over Everything"

    Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
    Lotta Sea Lice
  29. 29.
    First Aid Kit: "It's a Shame"
  30. 30.
    HAIM: "Want You Back"

    "Want You Back"

    Something To Tell You
  31. 31.
    Dead Man Winter: "Destroyer"


    Dead Man Winter
  32. 32.
    The War on Drugs: "Holding On"

    "Holding On"

    The War on Drugs
    A Deeper Understanding
  33. 33.
    Benjamin Booker: "Witness (feat. Mavis Staples)"

    "Witness (feat. Mavis Staples)"

    Benjamin Booker
  34. 34.
    Charlie Parr: "Dog"
  35. 35.
    JD McPherson: "Lucky Penny"

    "Lucky Penny"

    JD McPherson
    Undivided Heart & Soul
  36. 36.
    St. Vincent: "Los Ageless"

    "Los Ageless"

    St. Vincent
  37. 37.
    Lucius: "The Punisher"

    "The Punisher"

    The Punisher (single)
  38. 38.
    The National: "Day I Die"

    "Day I Die"

    The National
    Sleep Well Beast
  39. 39.
    Superorganism: "Something For Your M.I.N.D."

    "Something For Your M.I.N.D."

    Something For Your M.I.N.D. (single)
  40. 40.
    Dessa: "Good Grief"
  41. 41.
    The Killers: "The Man"
  42. 42.
    SZA: "Drew Barrymore"

    "Drew Barrymore"

  43. 43.
    LCD Soundsystem: "tonite"


    LCD Soundsystem
    american dream
  44. 44.
    Queens of the Stone Age: "Feet Don't Fail Me"
  45. 45.
    Father John Misty: "Ballad of the Dying Man"
  46. 46.
    The Lumineers: "Angela"


    The Lumineers
  47. 47.
    Ryan Adams: "Do You Still Love Me?"

    "Do You Still Love Me?"

    Ryan Adams
  48. 48.
    Father John Misty: "Pure Comedy"
  49. 49.
    Amy Shark: "Adore"
  50. 50.
    Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit: "White Man's World"
  51. 51.
    Father John Misty: "Total Entertainment Forever"

    "Total Entertainment Forever"

    Father John Misty
    Pure Comedy
  52. 52.
    Bully: "Feel the Same"

    "Feel the Same"

  53. 54.
    Hippo Campus: "Monsoon"
  54. 55.
    The xx: "Say Something Loving"

    "Say Something Loving"

    The xx
    I See You
  55. 56.
    The New Pornographers: "High Ticket Attractions"

    "High Ticket Attractions"

    The New Pornographers
    Whiteout Conditions
  56. 57.
    Chastity Brown: "Drive Slow"

    "Drive Slow"

    Chastity Brown
    Silhouette of Sirens
  57. 58.
    Run The Jewels: "Legend Has It"

    "Legend Has It"

    Run The Jewels
    Run The Jewels 3
  58. 59.
    Rag'n'Bone Man: "Human"


    Rag'n'Bone Man
  59. 60.
    The Rural Alberta Advantage: "Brother"


    The Rural Alberta Advantage
    The Wild
  60. 61.
    Feist: "Any Party"
  61. 62.
    Iron & Wine: "Call It Dreaming"

    "Call It Dreaming"

    Iron & Wine
    Beast Epic
  62. 63.
    Beck: "Dear Life"
  63. 64.
    Grizzly Bear: "Mourning Sound"

    "Mourning Sound"

    Grizzly Bear
    Painted Ruins
  64. 65.
    alt-J: "In Cold Blood"
  65. 66.
    Big Thief: "Mythological Beauty"

    "Mythological Beauty"

    Big Thief
  66. 67.
    Gorillaz: "Charger (feat. Grace Jones)"

    "Charger (feat. Grace Jones)"

  67. 68.
    Mavis Staples: "If All I Was Was Black"

    "If All I Was Was Black"

    Mavis Staples
    If All I Was Was Black
  68. 69.
    Beth Ditto: "Fire"


    Beth Ditto
    Fake Sugar
  69. 70.
    Lorde: "The Louvre"
  70. 71.
    The xx: "I Dare You"
  71. 72.
    Brother Ali: "Own Light (What Hearts Are For)"

    "Own Light (What Hearts Are For)"

    Brother Ali
    All The Beauty In This Whole Life
  72. 73.
    Beth Ditto: "We Could Run"

    "We Could Run"

    Beth Ditto
    Fake Sugar
  73. 74.
    jeremy messersmith and Friends: "Little Blue World"

    "Little Blue World"

    jeremy messersmith and Friends
    Little Blue World (single)
  74. 75.
    Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile: "Continental Breakfast"

    "Continental Breakfast"

    Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
    Lotta Sea Lice
  75. 76.
    Regina Spektor: "Older And Taller"

    "Older And Taller"

    Regina Spektor
    Remember Us to Life
  76. 77.
    Old 97's: "Good with God (feat. Brandi Carlile)"

    "Good with God (feat. Brandi Carlile)"

    Old 97's
    Graveyard Whistling
  77. 78.
    Foo Fighters: "Run"


    Foo Fighters
    Concrete and Gold
  78. 79.
    Ron Gallo: "Young Lady, You're Scaring Me"

    "Young Lady, You're Scaring Me"

    Ron Gallo
    Heavy Meta
  79. 80.
    Fleet Foxes: "Third of May"

    "Third of May"

    Fleet Foxes
  80. 81.
    Nikki Lane: "Jackpot"
  81. 82.
    Hippo Campus: "baseball"
  82. 83.
    Sylvan Esso: "Kick Jump Twist"
  83. 84.
    Alex Lahey: "Every Day's the Weekend"

    "Every Day's the Weekend"

    Alex Lahey
    I Love You Like a Brother
  84. 85.
    The Breeders: "Wait in the Car"

    "Wait in the Car"

    The Breeders
    Wait in the Car (single)
  85. 86.
    alt-J: "3WW"
  86. 87.
    The Orwells: "They Put A Body In The Bayou"

    "They Put A Body In The Bayou"

    The Orwells
    Terrible Human Beings
  87. 88.
    Radiohead: "I Promise"
  88. 89.
    Lana Del Rey: "Love"

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