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Minnesota Music Month 2024
Minnesota Music Month 2024MPR

Carbon Sound Presents: MN Music Month Featuring, MMYYKK, Reiki, XINA and Zora

Friday, April 19
6:30 pm

Amsterdam Bar and Hall

6 West 6th Street, Wabasha St N, St Paul, MN 55102

Carbon Sound Presents: MN Music Month Featuring MMYYKK, Reiki, XINA and Zora

Doors 6:30 p.m. | Performance 7 p.m. | 18+

Carbon Sound Minnesota Music Month Artists Showcase will be documented with photography and audio and audio-visual recordings. By attending this event, you consent to having your image and voice photographed and recorded, as applicable, and to the use by MPR of any such photographs and/or recordings in any and all media.

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man facing camera holding a keyboard
Third party

MMYYKK is a Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Music Producer. His eclectic and forward thinking sound situates itself at the intersections of Soul, R&B, Jazz, Electro and Hip Hop. with soundscapes that blend analog synthesis and neck breaking rhythms with sonic alchemy. MMYYKK's musical explorations center themselves in themes of love, humanity, healing, and higher consciousness.


Man performing on stage singing into microphone
Reiki performing
Third party

“REIKI” Michael Hall is a singer/ songwriter & producer based out of Minneapolis. The Chicago-born singer is of Liberian-American descent. While commonly misunderstood, REIKI earned his name at birth from his mother who found relief from the challenges during pregnancy using the Japanese healing treatment called, “Reiki”. Since the age of 3, he was said to be energized with musical prowess.

REIKI shape shifts through many different genres, but as he likes to say, keeps closely in between, “punk, rage, + r&b”.  Through a live set coins, “The REIKI Experience”, he was named one of First Avenue’s “Best New Bands” of 2023. His single “chaos” is the lead single from his alternative r&b debut EP on the way. REIKI is set to bring a fresh and mind-bending live experience to the Minneapolis music scene and beyond. 


woman standing at an angle facing opposite of camera
Third party

XINA is an independent, multi-disciplinary artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If you ask what she does, she'll simply say "arts and crafts," an umbrella term for her expansive roles as a singer/songwriter, dancer, choreographer, producer, director, designer and entertainer. With both hands on every aspect of the process, she creates genre-bending music with intensity and vulnerability balanced with a sophisticated mystique. By exercising her intuitive finesse across a growing body of work and into rich, inventive live performances, XINA is proving impossible to ignore. 


woman with hands up smiling towards camera
Third party

Zora is a 24 year old artist, producer, singer, and rapper. She has been writing music since the age of 14, taking inspiration after Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Prince, Kendrick Lamar, SOPHIE, Stevie Wonder, and so many others. Zora’s sound can be described as Alternative Pop. She writes, produces, and records all of her own stuff, using instruments such as the piano, the ES2 synth, and electric guitar to bring her ideas to life.

Originally, she began as a classically trained pianist, from ages 6 to 10, taking after her family history of classical pianists. She was set in pursuing that as a career before becoming involved in opera and musical theater at LACHSA at age 13. It was here that she began to discover her love for performing. She could not get enough of the stage lights, choreography, charisma, and charm that it took to put on such spectacular shows.

At age 14, she started to go to parties with her dad and help him during his dj sets, suggesting songs for him to play as the night went on. In doing so, Zora found her love for hip hop and pop music. Artist’s like Lauryn Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, and Janet Jackson would mold her into the pop artist that she is today. She collected all of the records along with her dad and found a new love for popular music