Experimental Fort Wilson Riot with Joey Ryan and the Inks and We Are the Willows

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Fort Wilson Riot

Turf Club
1601 University Ave. W
St. Paul, MN 55104


As they tumble out of the back of a maroon minivan into clubs, bars, living rooms and festivals across America, Fort Wilson Riot are liable to become a favorite local band, no matter where you live. Splitting their time between unstoppable touring and incessant recording, the Minneapolis-based duo of Amy Hager and Jacob Mullis have no shortness of ambition. For ordinary guys, Joey Ryan & The Inks have a habit of making extraordinary music. Over the past five years, Joey Ryan, brothers Matt and Chris Mitchell, Ryan Mach, and Tim Dickson have solidified their place on local airwaves and stages and as the go-to band for catchy pop tunes with '60s sunshine beats, with slivers of doo-wop on top of smart instrumental progression, topped by Ryan’s crystal-clear, bittersweet vocals. We Are The Willows is an Orchestral-Indie-Rock band from Minneapolis, MN that writes simple songs that take musical hints from folk/pop singer/songwriters like Bob Dylan, Randy Newman, and Paul Simon that leave room for exaggerations and embellishments that may nod to contemporary indie rock bands like Grandaddy, Sigur Ros, and Sufjan Stevens. 21+