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2528 Nicollet Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55404
(612) 276-6523


On sale Thursday, October 1, 2020, 10:00 AM






We appreciate you purchasing a ticket and wanting to come and support live music. Moreover, we appreciate your patience as we navigate these weird times. Due to the very limited capacity, we are suggesting a food and beverage minimum of (2) drinks or a plate of food purchased by each guest. This is not required; however, this what allows icehouse to stay afloat and continue to host shows. While we appreciate the purchase of the base cover charge, that money simply covers the cost to put the show on and pay the artists. We still need to cover the cost of our great staff and keep our lights on. We hope the community will continue to value what Icehouse uniquely provides, and show us some love so we can make it to the other side of this together!c Please click the link below to pre-purchase a food and beverage credit to be used the night of show and during any subsequent visit. If you are not able to purchase this in advance, we still look forward to seeing you at the show and hope you consider this when attending show. Thank you for your consideration.

Enter via the patio

Wear your YOUR MASKS!


As two piece band, Martin Dosh and Mike Lewis figured out a way to create a breathing architecture that was fun, off-the-rails and totally real. The idea of looping gained credence and ubiquity as the 2000's moved along, but within Dosh's songs there was always a structure to compliment the most simple chord changes and melodies: repetition via technology, ready to be deconstructed on the drop of a dime. Asymmetric layers upon building blocks of punchy, short loops yielded music that was somewhere between hip hop, jazz and electronic, but no one has yet been able to say exactly what kind of music it is, other than good music. For this show, Chris Thomson and Charlie Lincoln will join to expand the band's onslaught of drone and polyrhythm.