Festival Northern Spark

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This event is featured in The Current Summer Guide, highlighting both musical and non-musical things to do this summer in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Northern Spark has evolved since the early days, when the festival hosted public art, performance and installations over the course of an all-night event. A few years back, they spread out the festival over two nights, and now are stretching the fun out over the course of two weeks, with a mix of in-person and streaming events around the Twin Cities. This year's theme is alchemy, alluding to the ways that artists transform both their materials and the world around them. The festivities will include an outdoor participatory dance/walk led by Lelis Brito, an interactive sculpture created from an intergenerational collaborative project, as well as many projects offered virtually and as mail-art delivered to addresses in Rondo, Frogtown and East St. Paul. (Sheila Regan)