Gomez performs live in the UBS forum

Gomez in studio
Gomez in studio. Gomez burst onto the music scene in 1998, winning the Mercury Prize for their debut album Bring It On, which Spin called "a damn beautiful album." Following, They released Liquid Skin in 1999, and the rarities and B-sides compilation Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline a year later. In 2002, the band released In Our Gun. The BBC hailed the band's 2004 album Split the Difference "one of the finest releases of the year." Soon after, Gomez parted ways with their longtime label Virgin. In 2005, they signed with ATO Records who released Out West, Gomez's first live album. (MPR Photo/Nikki Tundel)

Gomez took off in the late 90s and everything must have seemed easy. A big label signed them, they won awards and sold records. But their last few CDs for that big label got lost in the shuffle. Luckily, the band stuck together, found a new label and carried on. They are known for energetic live shows, an ever-changing sound and, at least here at The Current, for fine footwear.

Songs performed: "See the World," "Hamoa Beach," "Girlshapedlovedrug," and "How We Operate."

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    Left-right: Ian Ball, Tom Gray, Olly Peacock, Ben Ottewell, Paul Blackburn (photographer: C. Taylor Crothers)