World Party - in studio

Album cover
"Dumbing up" was limited released in the U.K. in 2000. It has been re-released on Karl Wallinger's own label, Seaview Records. (MPR Photo)

World Party fell apart after leader Karl Wallinger was struck down by an aneurysm that left him unable to speak. Wallinger's manager and mentor, Steve Fargnoli died of cancer and World Party ended its long time record deal with Chrysalis Records.

After several years of rehabilitation, Wallinger put the group back together, and re-mastered and packaged "Dumbing Up" on his own label Seaview Records (the recording only received a partial UK release in 2000.)

World Party stopped by The Current to perform and chat with Brandt Williams.

Songs performed: "Is It Like Today?", "What Does It Mean?", and "Sweet Soul Dream."

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