Earl Greyhound is looking for that good situation

The Current's Mark Wheat talks gender ambiguity with Earl Greyhound band leader Matt Whyte and bassist Kamara Thomas during an in-studio performance of "It's Over". (MPR Video)

Earl Greyhound leader Matt Whyte lays out thick guitar riffs and interweaves rich resounding singing with bassist Kamara Thomas that's described as a mesmerizing vocal movement. The band's show is an aggressive hour of rock from start to finish, reigning down on its audience with a barrage of ripping guitar solos and wild, thunderous beats from its drummer Ricc Sheridan.

What results is a veritable rock-and-roll wrecking ball, swinging from sexy melodious soul to towering pop.

Earl Greyhound stayed in The Twin Cities a day after their performance at 7th Street Entry to perform a live performance at The Current studios and a chat with Mark Wheat.

Songs performed: "Good," "It's Over," and "S.O.S."

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