Andrew Bird: Live from SXSW

Andrew Bird performing live at SXSW
Andrew Bird performing live at SXSW (MPR Photo/ Christina Schmitt)

Whistle once on an album and you may be doomed to be tagged as a whistler forever. Luckily for Andrew Bird, famed in the indie rock world for his whistling, might be able to pass the torch to whistlers-du-jour Peter Bjorn and John.

And it would be a good thing for everyone because Bird has a lot to offer on his new album Armchair Apocrypha. The New Yorker called it "a vast, optimistic album about depressing things such as falling planes and empires." So let's let Bird leave the whistling label behind.

Songs performed: "Plasticities," "Imitosis," "Scythian Empires."

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