Antibalas: Live from SXSW

Antabalas - Performing live at SXSW
Antabalas - Performing live at SXSW (MPR Photo/ Christina Schmitt)

Nigerian musician Fela Kuti invented Afro-beat, the blend of jazz, funk and traditional African music that was the introduction to "world" music for many Americans. Antibalas, a Brooklyn-based collective of about 17 musicians, carry on Fela's legacy of making danceable, politically aware songs.

Their new album in 2007, Security, is the first that they recorded with an outside producer, John McEntire of Tortoise. For those of you who hate a jam band, don't hate Antibalas. Their songs are long but they are all actually written that way; their albums aren't just random solos strung together.

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    Antibalas (Photo courtesy the band)