Gang Font performs in studio

Gang Font
Gang Font (Photo courtesy the band)

It's a band that rocks the proverbial boat with a punk-ish gait supplanted by youthful vigor. On this outing, bassist Greg Norton (Husker Du), keyboardist Craig Taborn, drummer Dave King (Bad Plus), and bassist/guitarist Eric Fratzke (Happy Apple) pursue unbalanced injections of prog-rock, topped-off with angst-ridden licks, pounding beats and more.

With numerous guitars-keys driven meltdowns; quirky melodies, minimalist themes, and jaunts into the freer state of affairs, the band's cross-appeal for jazz and rock aficionados is apparent.

Songs performed: "You Haven't Lived Until You Have Had To Have Read Beowulf," "Spencer's Background vs. Todd's Claim," and "Homage Claude Schnell"

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