The Klaxons perform in studio

London-based Klaxons (Greek for "to shriek") swing by The Current for an in-studio performance of "Golden Skans". Klaxons are James Righton, Simon Taylor, Steffan Halperin and Jamie Reynolds. (MPR Video)

Eighteen months ago James Righton was an English teacher. He and a couple of friends began playing and recording together as Klaxon. They put out their first single just over a year ago. While there was a bit of a buzz about the band, they were relatively unknown.

They released their debut full-length album, Myths Of The Near Future, back in January 2007. They've been doing non-stop touring since. The Englishmen were only in the US for three weeks when they stopped in to play for us.

Songs Performed "It's Not Over Yet", "Golden Skans" and "As Above, So Below".

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