Heiruspecs perform in The Current studios

Heiruspecs (Minnesota Public Radio / Derrick Stevens)
Heiruspecs perform in The Current studios
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December 22, 2007 is Heiruspecs Day in St. Paul. After 10 years together playing live-band hip hop, it's about time their hometown honors the contribution to the local music community they've made over the years.

Over the course of their careers - which started at St. Paul Central High School - they've built a following, released a major label record, toured extensively, totaled their van, worked on other projects including Ela, Minus The Bear, and Big Trouble, and are now back with new songs.

They stopped by The Current studios to play three of those new songs and chatted with Mark Wheat about the past, present, and future of Heiruspecs.

Songs performed: "Guns And Knives," "I Know," and "Some From None."

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