DeVotchKa performs live from SXSW

DeVotchka: We're Leaving live from SXSW (Minnesota Public Radio/Bo Hakala)

Singer Nick Urata founded DeVotchKa nine years ago with the idea of mixing together the music of east and west. He did not found it with the hopes of selling music to McDonald's. The band turned down a request to use one of their songs in the fast-food giant's commercials.

With their sixth new CD A Mad and Faithful Telling, DeVotchKa is poised to capitalize on the popularity they earned by being featured on the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.

Songs performed: "Transliterator," "We're Leaving," and "Queen of the Surface Streets

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  • DeVotchka singer Nick Urata
    DeVotchka singer Nick Urata (Minnesota Public Radio / Ali Lozoff)
  • Members of DeVotchka
    Members of DeVotchka (Minnesota Public Radio / Ali Lozoff)