Elbow performs live in The Current studio

Elbow (Photo courtesy the band)

The band Elbow referred to themselves as "prog without the solos" and they said it without winking.

The guys met in the early '90s while attending college in Bury, England. After moving to Manchester and playing numerous local gigs and developing their sound, they were signed by Island in 1998.

That relationship lasted lasted only about a year,
and soon Elbow was with EMI, who dumped the band after only a few short months.

Since those days, Elbow has released acclaimed EPs and full length projects with 2001's "Asleep In The Back," 2004's "Cast of Thousands," 2005's "Leaders of the Free World," and in 2008 the band released their latest effort, "The Seldom Seen Kid."

Songs perormed: "Grounds For Divorce," and "One Day Like This."

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