The Hopefuls perform in The Current studios

The Hopefuls
The Hopefuls (Photo courtesy the band)
The Hopefuls perform in The Current studios
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It's been over four-and-a-half years since The Hopefuls released their debut "The Fuses Refuse to Burn." Formerly named The Olympic Hopefuls until the Olympic committee protested, they've had more changes than just their name before the release of their new album, "Now Playing at the One-Seat Theater."

Since 2003, there have been line up changes. The band swapped drummers from Matt O'Laughlin (who was also in Friends Like These) to Eric Fawcett (who played with Spy Mob and N.E.R.D.). Guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist, Erik Applewick left the band to play bass with Tapes 'n Tapes.

The Hopefuls no longer wear their signature track suits on stage, but they still bring the same energy and musicianship as they did when they began.

Songs performed: "Virgin Wood," "Stacey," and "What She Wants."

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