A.C. Newman performs live in The Current studio

Singer / Songwriter A. C. Newman
Vancouver-based guitarist and singer/songwriter Allan Carl Newman broke into the Canadian music scene in the early '90s as a member of alternative rock/grunge outfit Superconductor. (Photo: Caleb Beyers)
A.C. Newman performs live in The Current studio
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A.C. Newman isn't just on the indie-pop music radar - he is the radar, and continues to captivate listeners with his newest record, "Get Guilty."

The Canadian performer first emerged in the 1990s as a member of Superconductor and Zumpano, later emerging as the leader of The New Pornographers in 2000. A.C. Newman's powerfully catchy solo career has continued to thrive since the release of 2004 "The Slow Wonder."

Songs performed: "Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer," "Prophets," and "Submarines Of Stockholm."

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