Doves perform in The Current studios

Andy Williams, Jimi Goodwin and Jez Williams of the band Doves (Photo courtesy the artist)
Doves perform in The Current studio
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After playing together for over 20 years, the three members of the Doves have figured out a method to their music making madness, most recently working on an album for over three years in an English countryside farmhouse.

Fans anxiously awaited the spring 2009 release of "Kingdom of Rust," and true to form the album delivers an orchestral vein of Brit-Pop that keeps the Doves original and irresistible.

Emotionally charged and true to their roots, twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams along with Jimi Goodwin have grown together since they began playing together at 15 and move forward, always side by side, in this latest release.

Songs performed: "Winter Hill", "The Greatest Denier," and "Kingdom Of Rust".