Hootenanny in The Current studios

Hootenanny - Banjo Lisa (Featuring Jim Walsh, Martin Devaney, Little Man, and Eliza Blue) (Minnesota Public Radio/Chuck Olsen)
Hootenanny performs on The Local Show
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Hootenanny isn't a band - it's an event. Jim Walsh gathers local musicians to play music and share stories. Walsh, who also plays under the name The Mad Ripple, joined David Campbell on The Local Show along with Martin Devaney, Little Man (Chris Perricelli) and Eliza Blue for a live "mini-hoot."

Songs performed: "Banjo Lisa," "Mending Fences," "Not Quite So High," and "Wise Blood."

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  • The members of the mini-hoot
    The members of the mini-hoot: Martin Devaney, Little Man (Chris Perricelli), Eliza Blue, and Jim Walsh (Minnesota Public Radio / Chuck Olsen)