Theft of the Dial: Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth
Sonic Youth (Photo courtesy the band)
Theft of the Dial - Sonic Youth
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I can only say that I was "agog" as Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth sat before me in our studios playing DJ for this latest edition of "Theft of the Dial." They were awesome DJs! Totally comfortable at the gig. If you missed it, I highly encourage you to listen to the whole thing - not just for some great radio, but also an extremely cool insight into what makes these guys (and thus Sonic Youth in general) tick. With the exception of the very swampy John Fahey cut, I felt occasionally like I was listening to sort of an examination of the stuff that Thurston and Lee felt like they'd influenced themselves; from the band Hush Arbors, on Thurston's own label, to a the very Sonic Youth-y Pavement track "Fight This Generation," to one of Cat Power's darkest tracks, "Names."


1. Awesome Color — "Free Man"

2. Hush Arbors — "Rue Hollow"

3. Cat Power — "Names"

4. Pavement — "Fight This Generation"

5. Wooden Wand — "The Pushers"

6. John Fahey — "Revelation On the Banks of the Pawtuxet"


Awesome Color — "Free Man"

Hush Arbors — "Rue Hollow"

Cat Power — "Names"

Pavement — "Fight This Generation"