Policy and a Pint with Colin Beavan

Steve Seel and Colin Beavan
Steve Seel and Colin Beavan in the UBS Forum presenting Policy and a Pint: No Impact Man (MPR / Andy French)
Policy and a Pint - Colin Beavan (No Impact Man)
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Colin Beavan, the No Impact Man, attempted to live for one year in New York City without making any environmental impact on the world - no trash, no electricity, no gasoline, no plastic, nothing disposable. Throughout the process he and his family learned what they could really live without, and how unplugging from it all can actually connect you to what's really important. In a conversation with The Current's Steve Seel, Beavan discusses what permanent changes he has made, the importance of personal action and responsibility, and what the developed world must to do to ensure a healthy future for the next generations.

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