Theft of the Dial: Mason Jennings

Mason Jennings
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Theft of the Dial - Mason Jennings
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It was very special for me to get the chance to do this feature with Mason. He tells the story of how I was the first DJ that he heard play his song, the first in this set. Since that start here in the TC's, it's been fun watching him travel the planet and build a loyal following. His new album is a departure for him in many people's eyes as he has gone back to playing electric guitar, but he told the story of taping Whitesnake songs from the radio to learn the riffs, that's where he began his love affair with music! He's also a great DJ who likes to turn us on to new artists like Chad and tells sweet stories of why the Nina Simone song has always stuck with him and why Zep are his fave band of all time, enjoy!


1. Mason Jennings — "California II"

2. Chad Vangaalen — "Echo Train"

3. Matt Jennings — "City Under The Lake"

4. Greg Brown — "Hey Baby Hey"

5. Nina Simone — "Turn Me On"

6. Led Zeppelin — "I'm Gonna Crawl"

7. Nick Drake — "Time of No Reply"

8. Mason Jennings — "Blood of Man"


Mason Jennings — "California II"

Chad Vangaalen — "Echo Train"

Greg Brown — "Hey Baby Hey"

Nina Simone — "Turn Me On"

Led Zeppelin — "I'm Gonna Crawl"

Nick Drake — "Time of No Reply"

Mason Jennings — "Blood of Man"