Theft of the Dial: Kevin Kling

Kevin Kling
Kevin Kling is a Minnesota playwright, humorist and occasional public radio commentator. (Photo courtesy the artist)
Theft of the Dial - Kevin Kling
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Listen as the wonderful bard of MN, Kevin Kling, takes over our dial AND tells some great stories about The Uptown Bar, his infamous motorbike accident and a little about his new collection, Holiday Inn


1. Wallets — "Party In Senegal"

2. John C Van Orman — "Crazy Betty"

3. Frank Zappa — "Montana"

4. Billy Bragg & Wilco — "Ingrid Bergman"

5. Todd Menton — "1952 Vincent Black Lightning"

6. Nick Cave — "Dig Lazarus Dig"

7. Lou Reed — "Perfect Day"


Frank Zappa — "Montana"

Billy Bragg & Wilco — "Ingrid Bergman"

Nick Cave — "Dig Lazarus Dig"

Lou Reed — "Perfect Day"