Peter Ostroushko Celebrates Anniversaries


Peter Ostroushko
Local musician Peter Ostroushko (Photo courtesy of the Artist)
Peter Ostroushko Celebrates Anniversaries
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Peter Ostroushko has come a long way since his first professional studio recording 25 years ago. Since then he's traveled the world headlining or highlighting stages in every musical genre imaginable.

And along the way, he remembers being called in the studio to record a mandolin track on Bob Dylan's famed "Blood On The Tracks" album on the West Bank of Minneapolis ten years before his first solo recording came out.

Peter's latest album is "When The Last Morning Glory Blooms". He stopped by the Radio Heartland studio to talk about these two anniversaries which he celebrated in the fall of 2010.

Radio Heartland This in-studio feature aired on Radio Heartland September 30, 2010.

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