Theft of the Dial: James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (Ruvan Wijesooriya)
Theft of the Dial - James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem
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IF someone asked me; "What would be your perfect way to spend a grey October Saturday afternoon, right now?" I'd say... "Having James Murphy of LCD come over, hang out and spin some of his fave tunes". Bingo! It happened!!

Right before soundcheck for the show tonight at Roy Wilkins, we set James up in one of our studios with two turntables, two CD players and a microphone. He'd brought his MacBook Air (he also gives some design advice to them) although he says he never uses one to perform live, it was just for access to more music and at one point he brought a Cars song from i-tunes as we were chatting!

He talked about his early days setting up DFA Records as a collective of like minded creative party people in NYC and he gives a wonderful synopsis of the artists career arc He enthusiastically raves about the guitar playing of David Byrne, the influence of Suicide and why "humanity is garbage"; the best LCD tribute band; pluralizing idioms; being medium obsessed; He even contemplates the future as he explains exactly why he has announced that this will be the last LCD album and tour.

One of his ideas has long been to start a radio station and by the end of this fun filled hour I was ready to let him have my shift whenever he wants it! It was an extreme pleasure to have him interrupt our programming. Thanks to Lindsay Kimball for engineering and editing and to Mac Wilson for letting James and I abscond with his last hour. We broke most of the rules of TOTD by interrupting almost every track but I think this is what we played;

Bruce Springsteen "Dream Baby Dream" (live version of a song by Suicide)

Bruce Springsteen "State Trooper" from his 'Nebraska' album

The Cars "Shoo Be Doo" Candy-O '79

Suicide "Cheree" First Album '77 (The song James got married to!)

Talking Heads " This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" Speaking In Tongues '83

Harry Nilsson "Jump into the Fire" 'Nilsson Schmilsson' '71

Alessi "Sea bird" (1976) Alessi (Yacht Rock Era!)